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Professional male escort (Gigolo) wish to support and expand cryptocurrencies!

Hello guys, my name is John. I'm working as a professional gigolo for people with eccentric tastes for 6 years now.

I'm 28 years old, I am in very good shape, I'm very educated and I know how to please both a lady and a cuckold husband.I'm educated in poetry, cryptocurrency, science, philosophy, psychology, and I'm here to make a change in the world of male escorts by adding BCH and BTC in our payment methods.

My abilities include:

Special techniques to please you or your lady in very intense yet romantic ways. You get a 25% discount if you're using BTC or BCH.

2)Elaborated argumentative abilities over why male escorts should change to BCH and BTC payments and other cryptocurrencies!

3)Special kinks are allowed, and I'm willing to as far as it takes to satisfy my costumers! With very few exceptions! We can discuss the details in dm..

4)I'm also willing to travel to whatever location you would like me to, all the payments are in cryptocurrency!

Why you should hire me:

A) I'm a man of a high moral compass, and I'm always respecting my costumers and their requests, I'm also very open minded and I'm willing to both discuss, behave, and react the way you want me to!

2)I'm extremely good looking and tall, for safety reasons I'm willing to provide proof so you can judge my appearance yourself in dm's.

3)I'm also very brutal if I have to, in case you wish to see your lady or your lady wants to get treated in a very dominating and degrading way, I am here for you!

My experience also includes BDSM, Kama sutra. Cuckoldery (as the dom). I also provide my services to couples who have sexual and psychological issues!

I'm also very good in dating, and if you wish for something more than just sexual gratification, I am willing to adjust to your wishes!

Soon I will upload some videos of my services in pornhub and youporn or even xxxnxxx so the whole world can see my services!

You can also message me in dm for any special requests and we can discuss payment, location, time, and anything else that you wish I am an amazing listener!

The common thing between our profession and cryptocurrencies is that they're both overlooked! So it's time to combine the two communities into one! We will name it the cryptosexy escorts.

In order to show your support for the CryptoSexy Escorts, you can also donate in one of the following addresses!

Bitcoin: 1VmFBiccxepWbWYYAxUjyaugEACaMYwxc

Bitcoin cash: bitcoincash:qze4k8qqwc8l0ha9v233xzjqufwzaewpvs4vlrj9qp

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Litecoin: LQFbgao7Gz29TKNXZXFhHzYUhmT7kFGU4n

Dashcoin: XoP3JVxpjF7EbzzYFsvTXX4Kz4k1oMyjNu

Binance: XoP3JVxpjF7EbzzYFsvTXX4Kz4k1oMyjNu

Dogecoin: XoP3JVxpjF7EbzzYFsvTXX4Kz4k1oMyjNu
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Bittrex Bots

Bittrex Bots
Bittrex Bots
Bittrex bot is an automated Cryptocurrency trading bot, don’t take a step to stop your Cryptocurrency trading; don’t hesitate to stop your investment in Cryptocurrency market, but why! We have designed an artificial intelligence bot i.e. Bittrex bot, which helps you as a right hand partner in any Cryptocurrency trading in a complete day and night. Bittrex bot, an automated artificial intelligence bot which helps traders get money from Cryptocurrency market.
The use of this bot is an automated Cryptocurrency trading functions, whenever you choose to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO via- any Cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bittrex, Bitmex, Binance, Poloneix, Kucoin you will be sure of making substantial amount of extra income through Bittrex Bots. Our bot allows trading for all pair of digital currencies, if you are really looking for a way of getting profit in trading, Bittrex bots is a best way to maximize your profit and minimize your loses. However there are so many Cryptocurrency bots moving into the crypto trading market, but Bittrex bot is newly established bot that describes itself as the first Artificial Intelligence bot for Cryptocurrency trading market; this bot most popular Cryptocurrency trading bot that varies in quality, profitability and usability.
Bittrex Bot, is basically a bit portion of software that has been designed to analyze the whole Cryptocurrency trading market. This will shake your Cryptocurrency market, because it is developed by customized trading strategies, Afterward the analyze of market Bittrex will trade on behalf of you.
Our Bittrex Bots has;
§ Transparency
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§ Profitability
§ Customized Strategies
§ Over all experience
§ Security
§ Ease of use
Let’s start today your trade with Bittrex bots by a smart way of trading on Cryptocurrencies, this bot can remove your all emotions from Cryptocurrency trading, because Bittrex Bot can trading completely 24/7.
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BTG is in top 10 in CoinMarket Cap! Here is why it should be in the top 5.

How I see the top 10 currencies on

1 Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency, with all the hype and all the press. I do not see any coin overtaking it in the near future. Probably never.

A) Bitcoin Gold allows for GPU mining on people’s home computers and it is ASIC resistant, which makes for a more decentralized coin. (One of the founding principles of bitcoin, which has fallen by the wayside with Chinese asic (such as BITMAIN) controlling most of the mining market and allowing it to pull all sorts of shenanigans. B) Bitcoin transactions have become slooooooooow! (Bitcoin GOLD is much faster) C) Bitcoin transactions are PRICEY! You can't even send someone $10 worth of bitcoin because the fees would eat the entire transaction. This is why STEAM dropped bitcoin. The fees have become ridiculously high (see miners controlling the market above as to reasons for this) Bitcoin Gold has lower fees. D) The network for bitcoin can be VERY unstable. Whenever Bitmain wants to move the miners over to it's own fraud coin, bitcoin cash, they slow the market and delay transactions. This should be seen for what it is: an ATTACK on bitcoin. With all that said, bitcoin still carries on and the price continues to climb! It remains #1 in marketcap.

2 in marketcap is Etherium. People love to remind you that Microsoft is backing Etherium. Yeah, but guess what. Etherium's network is an absolute mess!!

Hundreds of millions of coins have been lost because of a "bug". WOW. The 44billion dollar Ether network was brought to its knees by Crypto Kittie, a digital cat child’s app that uses Etherium contracts to trade digital pussies. Etherium shouldn't be number 2. Not until they can create a stable network. Who knows what will bring it down next? Digital dogs?

3 Bitcoin Cash. This currency is a fraud. It merely exists to allow Bitmain to use asic boost, to give it an advantage mining coins. Once Segwit went into place on bitcoin they could no longer use asic boost and lost their advantage so they forked bitcoin for greed. They tried to take a bunch of miners with them and force everyone who wants to buy an antminer to pay for them in Bitcoin Cash, driving up BCC and trying to take down BTC. This is a fraud currency and everyone should ignore it, and let it die on the side of the road like the diseased rodent it is.

4 Litecoin This is a great coin. It is more stable than every coin above it. The network is reliable and the transactions are fast. As if that were not enough, the fees are ridiculously low. So low that they have attracted STEAM, who just dropped bitcoin, to allow people to purchase on their store with Litecoin.

This should be the number 2 coin, in my opinion. (only because nothing is going to dethrone Bitcoin.)

5 Ripple If you have ever invested in ripple, and thought the price was going to go up and was surprised how it suddenly came crashing down, well you are not imagining things and you are not alone. The price on this coin is manipulated.

Don’t be me wrong, Ripple is a useful coin with good tech behind it. Fast transactions, good scalability and low fees, but this coin is used by banks to transfer fund between them. They do not want to the value to go up because that would make the fees larger. This “global “token is mainly traded on Korean exchanges. This coin was not designed to be a holder of value, so if you are looking to invest, I would stay away from Ripple. Anything over 25 cents is risking a sudden plunge. I’m amazed to see it at 36 cents.

6 IOTA - I love IOTA. What a great coin with a great team behind it. The network (Tangle) is very advanced and they love to brag about how they are an improvement over bitcoin. The people involved in IOTA tend to be very passionate and haters of blockchain.

The problem? Well, their wallets don’t even work! You can buy it on Binance, but you can’t even withdraw it because they have so many problems trying to get a wallet to be stable. For a coin that suddenly shot up to $5 (I rode a lot of that up and jumped out) on the news that they were working with Samsung, Microsoft and others on an information sharing network, I would think they could get their transaction network up and running so people can keep coins reliably in their wallets and get them off exchanges.

7 DASH One of a kind. The network funds itself. Unheard of. It’d decentralized with Masternodes that vote on how to spend the budget. (masternodes controlling the future don’t sound decentralized to me, but I digress) They claim instant transactions and privatesend (wasn’t this darksend?) This used to be XCoin in Jan 2014. 10 days later the core dev team changed the name to Darkcoin. Later they changed the name to DASH (not to be confused with Dashcoin, which is exactly what many people do… get confused.)

Some people would say there is a dark side to Dash coin, but to each their own.

8 NEM My first question is if the currency is called NEM, why is the symbol XEM??? NEM codes its own blockchain making it efficient and stable. If you hold 10,000 XEM, you can harvest(?) which incentivizes people to hold, which will inflate the price. (HODLING is the main reason bitcoin goes up in price. If everyone were day trading it can you imagine the volatility? When you limit the supply and there is still a high demand the price must go up. Simple as that.) NEM (or XEM) is not discussed very much and is not widely known. This is odd considering its high market cap (top 10 baby) and its solid tech. NEM (like bitcoin gold) needs some good marketing.

#9 Monero This is a PRIVATE COIN, untraceable currency. This coin has a purpose, and that purpose is protecting the privacy of the users of it. You can send and receive Monero without knowing who you sent or received coin from. This coin will increase in value as demand for privacy will only continue to increase and this is the world’s number one privacy coin (sorry dash). Some people may have ethical reasons to not want to invest in a coin that may be used for all manner of shady dealings online. That’s up to you to decide. Are you against fiat cash? For the most part cash is untraceable too, and people use it for all sorts of shady things, but people also use it for plenty of good things.

10 Bitcoin Gold Finally a version of bitcoin I can mine on my computer at home! YEAH!!! Bitcoin is SUPPOSED to be decentralized, and this is the ONLY flavor of bitcoin that lives up to that. It’s the same block interval and block size as bitcoin, but it updates difficulty on every block and prevents ASIC’s by using POW Equihash so people can mine on GPU’s at home.

As I mentioned above, Bitcoin Gold has faster transfers with lower fees and the network is not able to be manipulated by companies such as Bitmain, because large ASIC farms have no control over this network. Some mysterious forces (I wonder who?) attacked Bitcoin Gold when it first launched, with DDOS attacks and faking wallets. Despite the rough start, bitcoin gold has been widely accepted at 25 exchanges including Bittrex, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Binance and Yobit! It has even found a home in hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger. You can use Coinomi on your phone too. <----- Check Out Trezor Hardware Wallet!
THE TOP 5 COINS FOR ME: 1) Bitcoin (obviously) 2) Litecoin 3) Etherium (Because of the hype) 4) Monero 5) Bitcoin Gold Honorable mentions: IOTA and NEM
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This took a long time to type. :)
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How to Transfer Crypto from Coinbase to Binance!  MOVE ... Binance Exchange - How to Buy Tron Using Bitcoin Einzahlung auf Binance  Coins von versenden #692 Craig Wright muss Bitcoins an Kleiman abtreten, Binance Krypto Kredite & Dash Convention Europe Binance To Resume Deposit / Withdraw  Halts Trading  Bitcoin P&D Weekend Easy way to buy Ripple Dash and other Altcoins on Binance Bitcoin Options Traing & Ethereum Options Trading Introduction - Binance JEX Options Trading Guide Binance New Lending Coins, ETH On BitPay, Fiat To Crypto & Bitcoin ETF SEC Report How to buy the Binance coin BNB using the Binance Exchange with Bitcoin Cash Binance Chain is COMING - Dash XRP TRX Updates [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

How to buy Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, Dashcoin, Litecoin etc. in Binance by paying money? You can use a credit card to purchase your desired cryptocurrency from the app or the website. How to transfer Ripple coin to my Binance wallet? To transfer Ethereum coins to your Binance wallet, click on the “Funds” option present at the bottom. On clicking that you will find a list of cryptocurrencies ... Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Step by step overview on how to deposit Bitcoin on Binance. Adding funds into your Binance account can be done by depositing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. After making sure that your Binance account is safe to use and is fully verified, you can proceed with performing deposit transactions. Here, you will find steps that you can follow in funding your Binance account. Click this to access the ... Ursprünglich wurde Dash geschaffen, um Anonymität zu gewährleisten, und war unter dem Namen Darkcoin bekannt. Später definierte der Projektgründer die Ziele der Währung neu und nannte sie Digital Cash oder Dash.Es handelt sich um eine einfach zu verwendende Kryptowährung, die darauf ausgerichtet ist, den Verbrauchern, die die Bequemlichkeit des modernen Einkaufens genießen möchten ... Der Bitcoin erfreut sich bei Investoren nach wie vor großer Beliebtheit. Zu verdanken ist diese Tatsache dem rasanten Kursanstieg in den vergangenen Jahren – vor allem seit 2015 ging der Kursverlauf der virtuellen Münzen stark nach oben. Trotzdem ist die Investition in die Währung mit einem gewissen Risiko verbunden. Dies gilt vor allem für Menschen, die in relativ kurzer Zeit mit BTC ... Binance Coin broke beneath its uptrend of the past month, although this could be a temporary haven for the asset than a reversal in trend. Cosmos had bearish momentum while Dash experienced a period of high volatility and registered big gains but was unable to hold on to them all. Binance Coin [BNB] BNB has […] DASH to BTC Price Details DASH Bitcoin Exchange Rates . DASH to BTC: 1 DASH will give 0.00454572 BTC, which is the exact amount of BTC you will get once you convert. In the last 24 hours, the maximum recorded DASH Bitcoin exchange rate stands at 0.00454842 and the least exchange rate is 0.00447134.BTC price fallen by -0.51592058% in past one hour and fell by -0.5494142% in the last 24 hours. Der Binance Coin, der auch als BNB bezeichnet, ist der native Coin der Kryptowährungsbörse Binance, die auf der Ethereum-Blockchain unter Verwendung des ERC20-Token-Standards aufgebaut wurde.Binance hat 200 Millionen BNB ausgeben. Das primäre Ziel war es, die Börse zu fördern und gleichzeitig den Händlern und Liebhabern von Kryptowährungen Bequemlichkeit und Erschwinglichkeit zu bieten. Binance ist eine klassische Kryptobörse.Hier kann man mit digitalen Währungen handeln und diese sodann untereinander tauschen. Binance setzt sich aus den Begriffen „binary“ sowie „finance“ zusammen und ist seit Beginn des Jahres 2018 die größte Kryptobörse der Welt – der Marktwert liegt bei rund 1,3 Milliarden US Dollar. Zudem besitzt Binance auch eine eigene Kryptowährung ... 1 Bitcoin to Dash Price for today is 212.12299570 DASH. Bitcoin Dash price details will give you the exact conversion rate, which is equivalent to 1 BTC = 212.12299570 DASH as of now. Here you can check the highest conversion rate from 1 Bitcoin Dash in the last 24 hours, that has been recorded at 207.02840308 DASH and the lowest has been recorded at 210.52149178 DASH.

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